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The Southern Star

2020-02-22 Letter to the Editor: Don’t give away traditional rights Click Here

2019-08-05 Article: Judge says Bantry Bay kelp licence was never in place Click Here

2019-08-05 Article: PEOPLE POWER! Double delight for local environmental campaigns in Bantry and Skibbereen Click Here

2019-07-13 Letter to the Editor: Strategy needs to include mitigation of climate change Click Here

2019-07-11 Article: Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg backs West Cork campaigns Click Here

2019-06-20 Article: Skibbereen’s Alicia is a ‘tough act to follow’ John Kerry tells city summit Click Here

2019-02-13 Article: May date for judicial review of Bantry kelp harvesting licence Click Here

2018-08-13 Article: Date set for kelp harvesting to begin in Bantry Click Here

2018-07-03 Article: Injunction sought to halt harvesting  Click Here

2018-07-01 Article: BioAtlantis: ‘No legal impediment’ to harvesting kelp in Bantry Bay  Click Here

2018-06-29 Article: Minister won’t grant any future seaweed harvesting licences Click Here

2018-06-25 Article: Bantry kelp campaigners shocked at plan to start harvesting Click Here

2018-05-07 Article: Bantry’s kelp plans stalled due to judicial review decision Click Here

2018-03-24 Oireachtas Report: Managing seaweed harvest is the key to its sustainability Click Here

2018-03-12 Article: Kelp group takes Bantry protest up to the Dáil Click Here

2018-02-24 Letter to the Editor: May be grounds to terminate seaweed harvesting licence Click Here

2018-02-16 Oireachtas Report: ‘Green’ minister gave kelp licence for Bantry Bay Click Here

2018-02-03 Article: Kelp campaigners want Bantry Bay licence suspended Click Here

2018-01-28 Letter to the Editor: Licence was issued contrary to stated aims of Minister Click Here

2018-01-13 Letter to the Editor: Aquaculture is the new money earner Click Here

2017-12-18 Article: Kelp plan for Bantry Bay gets the go-ahead Click Here

2017-07-09 Letter to the Editor: Nothing remotely akin to farming in bay Click Here

2017-06-19 Article: BioAtlantic boss meets protestors to hear kelp farm fears Click Here

2017-06-04 Article: Protestors intensify campaign against Bantry kelp farm Click Here

2017-06-03 Letter to the Editor: Mechanical harvesting of kelp in Bantry Bay Click Here

2017-05-22 Article: Collins raises Bantry Bay seaweed licence in Dáil Click Here

2017-05-20 Article: Free public meeting held to discuss the potential of Bantry Click Here
2017-05-01 Article: Why did ecological lads miss the kelp-farm boat? Click Here

2017-04-13 Article: More detail needed on kelp farm plan claims Coastwatch Click Here

2017-02-27 Article: Firm defends plan to harvest 1,800 acres of seaweed in Bantry Bay Click Here


West Cork Times

2017-12-12 Article: The mechanical harvesting of kelp in Bantry Bay must not go ahead says TD Click Here

2017-06-06 Article: Entire Irish coast must unite behind Bantry on Kelp farming issue Click Here

2017-05-15 Article: Bantry Bay mechanical kelp harvesting must not be allowed to go ahead... Click Here

2017-03-28 Article: Minister Coveney asked to halt the planned mechanical harvesting of kelp... Click Here

The Irish Times

2019-07-10 Article: Greta Thunberg sends video of support to Cork climate protesters Click Here

2018-06-24 Article: Seaweed harvesting to proceed in west Cork despite legal challenge Click Here

2017-12-11 Article: Minister under fire for approving harvesting of Bantry Bay seaweed Click Here

2017-05-10 Article: Single advert notified public of application to harvest kelp - claim Click Here




The Irish Examiner

2018-06-29 Article: Protests planned ahead of Bantry kelp harvesting Click Here

2018-06-22 Article: Bantry kelp harvesting to go ahead Click Here

2018-05-02 Article: Bantry kelp protesters secure judicial review Click Here

2018-03-15 Article: Over 6,000 have stake in seaweed sector’s future Click Here

2018-03-07 Article: Dáil protest over planned Bantry Bay kelp farm Click Here

2017-12-12 Article: Kelp-harvesting plan to go ahead in Bantry Bay Click Here

2017-08-08 Article: Local fears overshadow Bantry Bay kelp harvesting project Click Here

2017-08-08 Editorial: Rebuild trust - Kelp harvesting plans Click Here

2017-08-05 Article: Kelp farm proposed for Adrigole in West Cork a potential risk to local jobs Click Here

2017-05-02 Article: Commercial harvesting of native seaweed forest in Bantry Bay allowed Click Here

2017-04-23 Article: Kelp-cutting in Bantry Bay could put 50 jobs at risk Click Here

2017-04-21 Editorial: Exploiting our marine resources: Bantry Bay kelp project questions unanswered Click Here

2017-04-21 Article: Planning Minister Simon Coveney urged to reverse seaweed licence Click Here

2017-04-21 Report: Will mechanical harvesting of seaweed lead to ecological disaster? Click Here

2017-05-09 Article: Seaweed – another natural resource sellout Click Here

Evening Echo

2018-03-09 Article: Bantry Bay protesters want kelp harvesting licence rescinded Click Here

Online Publications

2018-07-04 Article: Seaweed Harvesting Begins In Bantry Bay  Click Here

2017-04-22 Article: Bantry Bay Residents Speak Out Over Seaweed Harvesting Licence Click Here

2017-05-08 Article: Kelp Deforestation, another Nail in the Marine Ecosystem Coffin  Click Here

2017-03-16 Article: Community Outcry over Plans to Harvest Kelp Forest in Bantry Bay Click Here


Earth Island Journal

2018-10-09 Article: Irish Town Stands Up to Big Seaweed  Click Here

2019-07-29 Article: Ministerial misstep puts mechanical kelp harvesting plans in jeopardy Click Here

2019-06-16 Article: Kelp cutting at height to allow regrowth may not be ‘technically feasible Click Here

2018-07-04 Article: State announces plans to protect traditional seaweed harvesting rights  Click Here

2018-07-02 Article: Protest in Bantry Bay against imminent start of large-scale kelp harvesting  Click Here

2018-06-28 Article: Bantry Bay locals set to protest against large-scale kelp harvesting  Click Here

2018-05-09 Article: Bantry Bay kelp harvesting project stalled by judicial review  Click Here

2018-03-08 Article: Locals take opposition to Bantry Bay kelp harvesting to the gates of ...  Click Here

2018-01-29 Article: Green party Senator calls for sustainable seaweed harvesting in Bantry Bay Click Here

2017-12-12 Article: Local concerns ‘dismissed’ as Government gives go-ahead for large-scale ... Click Here

2017-05-26 Article: Public meeting called to discuss plans for mechanical seaweed harvesting ...  Click Here

2017-04-26 Article: Residents call on Minister Coveney to block mechanical harvesting of ... Click Here

2017-03-13 Article: Residents fear for the destruction of ancient kelp forests in Bantry Bay  Click Here


Inshore Ireland

2018-05-09 Article: Licence suspended for mechanical harvesting of kelp in Bantry Bay  Click Here

2018-03-12 Article: Kelp harvesting protest taken to seat of government  Click Here

2017-05-17 Article: Licence to mechanically harvest kelp out of line with spirit of Bantry Bay ... Click Here

2017-06-05 Article Click Here  *Sorry, this article is no longer available online.*



2017-05-23 Article: Over the Hedge  Click Here

2018-05-02 Article: 'We're delighted':  Controversial Cork seaweed harvesting project ... Click Here

2017-11-19 Article: Controversial Cork seaweed harvesting project close to getting final ... Click Here

2017-07-09 Article: Locals angered by 'lack of consultation' by government over mass ...  Click Here

2017-04-21 Article Click Here  *Sorry, this article is no longer available online.*


Public consultation and advertising required

NO mention of 'MECHANICAL HARVEST'  ¦  NO mention of 'NATIVE KELP FOREST'  ¦  NO mention of '1860 ACRES OF BANTRY BAY'

Dept of Housing stated that a notice was placed in a national newspaper - no record can be found by the Dept. of the advertisement published


  1. No public meetings  
  2. No consultation with Bantry Bay Coastal Zone Charter Groups (formal framework for public consultation for developments in Bantry Bay).


  1. No information on development given to Cork County Council
  2. Notice placed in Bantry Bay Garda Station for 21 days - no access to copy of record on Dept. of Housing website


  1.  Advertisement placed by BioAtlantis in Southern Star Newspaper on 12th December 2009 states 'Occupy an area of foreshore for the purpose of harvesting specific seaweed at Bantry Bay'